Jul 262013

Guess what’s in here?
I can be a very sneaky chef in my house too!!
With lots of cookbooks out about how to sneak veggies and other nutrient dense foods into your meals, discover ways that you can increase the nutrition of your food.

While I really support a plant based diet as much as possible (note salad and raw veggies), I can’t always get my boys to live solely on juice drinks, smoothies and salads, so I find wonderful ways to be sneaky.
Take for example this burger. The meat is purchased from Pauline who sells organic beef at the Bobcayageon Farmers Market. Add in your sneaky ingredients:

  • wheat germ
  • pureed cannelli beans (start off with just a little) – can add some steamed cauliflower and puree it too!!
  • pureed garlic and onions
  • organic ketchup (avoid the nasty fake sugars)
  • flax seed

And only make the burger the size to fit in a mini bun!
I know we are all really pressed for time, so make up extra and freeze them for later!!
You can also make your meatballs this way or any other meat dish that you serve….just don’t tell anyone and they won’t know.
It’s time to reclaim our kitchens and put nutrient dense foods in our mouths! Feed our cells as nature intended focusing on plants and if needed some meat.

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