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Stop the jiggling of your arms!!

There’s always time to work your triceps – summer time and tack tops, bathing suits and sleeveless wear, but also when the colder weather comes it’s nice to know that if you are going to wear a cocktail dress or attend your fitness classes that you have toned triceps!

Do you need to tighten and tone your triceps? Check out this Terrific Triceps Exercises on Move Your Body’s You-Tube Channel. 3 minutes a day will get you on your way!

Or do these….

1. Tricep with back extension. Lift and lower 3-5lbs weights while maintaining a lifted torso and legs (use those buttocks). Palms can be facing ceiling, floor or towards you. I do all 3. Go for endurance and feel the burn. Need to tone it down, lower your upper body and legs.

Triceps with back extension

2. Challenge Your Balance by doing a Triceps press routine on a roller. Beginners start off on the floor and get the hang of pressing your arms up to the ceiling – keep your elbows tucked into your sides. Intermediate – climb aboard your roller and perform a series of triceps presses. Advanced – lift a leg – this will super challenge your core -make sure to change legs.

tricep on roller

3. Triceps Push-ups – crazy glue your elbows to your side and then SLOWLY bring yourself down to the floor with your back perfectly straight ( no sagging). Push yourself back up slowly. Beginners – start with your knees closer to your hands. Intermediate – come into solid plank position on your knees. Advanced – Plank position on your toes. ELBOWS MUST be crazy glued to your sides for MAXIMUM tricep work- no flaring elbows.

tricep pushup on knee 2011_0117Great TricepCore Strength

Enjoy your toned arms! Need motivation….come to class at Move Your Body Studio..check out the calendar at www.moveyourbody.ca

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Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4ZGpSHoyPc

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